Tom being a darling angel to his fans


Ghosts Stories




this is a disney interview

Forget about RDJ and Stark, Jeremy Renner IS Hawkeye

Jeremey Renner is more like Hawkeye than Hawkeye was Hakweye


Sydney Corcoran poses at the finish line one year after she was injured in the Boston Marathon bombing. More Here

“When I feel insecure on stage, I always turn around to look at our drummer, Will. He’s very serious. He looks very serious on stage. But he really is like a rock. He has this way of looking at me to like, it gives me positive energy. And he does it a lot, I realized.” - Chris Martin about Will Champion

Loving the Bay Area!

We drove up to NorCal from SoCal to visit two universities (UC Davis today & Santa Clara University tomorrow), and I am loving it so far! UC Davis is such a beautiful and lively campus! I can’t get over the scenery here. Off to UC Berkeley to visit for fun and cry over how I got rejected. But anyway, the Bay Area is beautiful! Planning to go to San Francisco soon :)

Tom Hiddleston + Blessing people





The world’s countries can be arranged to form a giant chicken.

oh my god

The reason we’re here…


So the chicken came first

im deleting my blog